There when you need us.

As a Megatek customer, you naturally expect the very best value from your investment. Our total commitment to your satisfaction begins before your installation enters commercial service and continues throughout its working life.

With Megatek as your energy solution provider you have an on-going relationship with the preferred name in Engineering. To ensure you to receive the maximum benefit from this arrangement, we provide a comprehensive range of customer support packages precisely suited to your needs. These range from basic spares and labour packages through to complete maintenance contracts.

We firmly believe that you want to be able to concentrate on the business you know best-your own. Megatek provides you with the peace of mind to be able to do this knowing that you will receive the same dedicated expert support wherever, and whenever, it is required.

Our Engineers and Technicians are highly trained to ensure their ability to service and maintain the peak performance level of your equipments. The Technical Services Department is also equipped with state-of-the-art tools and a large dedicated fleet of service vehicles.

To provide customers great comforts in post sales operations, we provide wide range of services to the customers which includes:

  • Installation and Commissioning: It is required to have perfect knowledge in Engineering to install the equipments as per manufacturers’ recommendation and have a startup procedure to ensure optimum performance of the equipments. In view of that, Megatek provides full support to customers to install and commission the equipments with accuracies and committed outcomes. Our Engineers and Technicians have right knowledge and experience to fulfill customers’ expectations.
  • Service and Maintenance: To ensure the supplied equipments performing well, Megatek provides 24/7 service to maintain equipments in full operations. Megatek tailors contracts to match individual customer’s needs. We provide services to our customers On Call Basis and Annual Service Agreements. It is customer’s preference to choose the mode of services they want to receive from us.
  • Troubleshooting: Operating equipments may face unscheduled interruptions due to various reasons. It is important to bring them alive with proper diagnosis and troubleshooting. Megatek’s expert Engineers and Technicians have adequate knowledge, equipments and skill to identify the cause of unscheduled shutdown and bring the equipment back into operation with the least possible time.
  • Operation and Maintenance: As we know our business better and want our valued customers to concentrate on their own business, customers can leave all the responsibilities of the equipments’ operation and maintenance to us. Our trained technical peoples will take care of your valued equipments to ensure your peace of mind. The Operation and Maintenance Contract can be short termed or long termed based on your operational requirements.
  • Parts Selling: We sell genuine parts directly from the Principals. Our parts are guaranteed to perform with the equipments. We offer competitive price to our valued customers. Megatek maintains sufficient stock of fast moving and slow moving parts to meet customers’ regular and urgent requirements.